BioExplorer Designs

Basic design set:
* One and two channel designs
* The most commonly used designs.
* Includes Alpha/Theta design

Variability design set:
* Designs to reduce or constrain eeg Variability
* Include several measures of variability and wide band suppression

Entropy Design set:
* Designs that use nonlinear and nonparametric measures
---- Entropy, Mutual Information, InterQuantile Range, and synchrony
* Two and Four channel designs
* Available with PhotoStim

More information * Entropy *Interquartile Range

Four Channel Designs:
* A set of designs for use with the new 4 channel EEG amplifiers
* Available with PhotoStim

Designs created for use with QDS PhotoStim
* Two and four channel designs
* Designs with Disentrainment algorithms
* Designs for increasing particular frequencies
* Custom PhotoStim Designs

Custom design development available on request