NorthStar Neurofeedback
Is a behavioral health clinic offering a wide range of services to
Adults, Children, and Families


* NeuroFeedback for a wide range of brain based disorders
* Assessment and Screening for
----ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome and other issues

* Individual, Group, and Family Therapy

* Referrals to other providers as necessary.

Making an initial appointment:

* To make an initial appointment call the clinic at 651-263-2606
* The initial appointment
----- is used to determine the appropriate options for your care.
consists of an history taking, and discussion of care options
* The assessment process can include
----- paper and pencil tests,
----- further interview,
----- computer based tests
----- EEG assessment.

These assessment tools will help to further refine the plan for your care.