What Is NeuroFeedack?

Neurofeedback Is A Natural, Medication Free Approach
To Improving Attention, Reducing Impulsivity, Enhancing Mood,
and Improving Performance in all aspects of life
Neurofeedback also know as NeuroTherapy, EEG Biofeedback, Brainwave Biofeedback or Brain Training is a learning process that allows people to change the ways their brains work. Just as physical training allows people to achieve and maintain strength and flexibility in their bodies, Neurofeedback allows us to improve strength and flexibility in our brains

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Overview of Neurofeedback

How is NeuroFeedback Performed?

An assessment of brainwave patterns or brain regulation is generally done prior to begining the Neurofeedback training.

The information from this assessment is combined with a variety of other information gained from interviews, paper and pencil tests, and/or computer based tests. A treatment plan is generated based on all the information gathered.

Brainwave activity is measured with an electroencephalograph (EEG). The EEG biofeedback equipment is connected to the individual with sensors that are placed on the scalp and ears. A computer then analyzes the brain waves. The persons brainwave activity can be observed on a computer monitor. The feedback can take the form of music, varied tones, animations and video game like displays.

What Are The Different Brainwaves?

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